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The Ideal Guy: A Blog Tag 12 July 2006

Posted by Sasha in Blogs & Blogging, Dating & Relationships, The Neo-Blogger, The Rambler.

I had to laugh when my sister tagged me to do this. I’m now forced to sit down and mull it over. Hahaha. When I started reading hers, I had this sinking feeling that I’ll see my name at the bottom of the post. Why? We’ve talked about this several times and she can only shake her head cuz I can’t seem to make up my mind on what my “Ideal Guy” is. She’s been telling me to make a list so I can focus on the important things and drop the rest. Just so you know, I did try! So, it didn’t turn out as expected, I ended up making fun of it but I’m now trying to redeem myself, right? Hehehe.

Okay. I need to highlight 8 things about a guy that I can consider my ideal. Hmmm. Fine. I’m listing them in no particular order.

I simply have to be attracted to him!

Like what my dear friend, Trini, and I were talking about a couple of days ago, it’s basically a given that you’ll get tired of the guy after you’ve been married for a bit so I wouldn’t want to end up with someone I can’t stand looking at when I wake up in the morning! Heh. Don’t ask me for details cuz that’s a whole other list! Hahaha.

He has to be passionate.

May it be about a particular cause, a dream, his work — more importantly about me and our life together. Oh, yea — he acts on it.

He has to be learned and articulate.

I love a good conversation. I love engaging in a good argument for time to time or just bouncing off theories left and right. I have a deep passion for learning. My man should be able to keep up or better yet, he is able to offer more than I am able to. This includes grammar and pronunciation. I find eloquence sexy. Hehehe.

He has to have a great sense of humour and wit.

A guy who takes himself way too seriously is boring and downright selfish. Heh. It’s admirable if I see that he can laugh about things and doesn’t break under pressure. It doesn’t hurt if he can make me laugh and entertain me with stories about what makes life beautiful.

He has to be sophisticated.

I’m heavily attracted to a guy who’s worldly, someone who’s completely aware of what’s out there. This means there’s a sense of adventure. It doesn’t really matter if he’s well-traveled or not, he only has to have that desire to see the world. There’s something about a refined guy that’s so magnetic.

He has to be sensible and affectionate.

I love hugs, cuddles and a thousand sweet kisses everyday. I want a man who’s able to offer them when able and necessary. I’m uber-sweet and I want that to be reciprocated. I’m moody and have irrational expectations on certain occasions so it is “ideal” to be with someone who can deal. Hahaha.

He has to have talent.

It can be that he plays a sport, he writes, he dances, he sings or he plays an instrument. It shows that he’s creative and won’t stand around letting life pass him by. Actually — I’d love to end up with a footballer or a rockstar but I know that’s reaching. Hahaha.

He has to be responsible.

It encompasses the following traits: committed, trustworthy and secure. He knows what his responsibilities are so I will feel secure that my life with him is set and will not be easily shaken.

Now for the fun part! The 8 people I’m tagging:

Ron – because I know underneath the player, lies not a naked woman but a guy looking for an ideal. Well, it’s just me giving you the benefit of the doubt. Heh.

Mel – even if I know you’re married, I’m curious cuz we haven’t had this conversation before.

Matt – oh, you know I’m curious about you, right?

Chris – because I want to know who the lucky girl might be, dear cuz!

Karl – I hear you’re getting married so this must be an easy one for you!

Armi – I know you’re dating Mr. Perfect, sweetie, but still! I want to know your ideal.

Jonas – because I’ve noticed how gorgeous the women in your drawings are, now I’m curious if they epitomise your ideal.

Zoe – because I know the person behind the camera has an eye for beauty, I’d like you now to focus that artistic eye on a guy and tell me what you see.



1. mel - 12 July 2006

but i only have 3!!! hehehe

2. Jonas - 12 July 2006

Ack! Must meditate…:D

3. mel - 12 July 2006

update: Got to complete all 8!

4. theparody - 12 July 2006

Mel: Yay! I had fun reading yours! 🙂 What did your Hamey think of your list?

Jonas: Meditate fast, man. Er — what kind of meditation are you referring to anyway? Hahaha. I’m counting the minutes till I read it! Hehehe.

5. mel - 12 July 2006

He knows about the first 2 serious criteria and the first 2 mababaw and I actually have this line to add: I don’t really consider physical appearance (read as: if pogi [cute/handsome/good looking]) and he always say an exaggerated/sarcastic Thank You to me!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Btw, he’s not a fan of my blog. He’s to busy daw but he has time for sports fantasy NBA. HMP!

6. theparody - 12 July 2006

Ayaw mo nun? You can easily talk about him without worrying too much about what his reaction will be? Hehehe. If I were in your position I might be too embarassed to keep one if I knew the guy I’m dating or married to reads it. Hahaha. Ah, well — I know that it can’t be helped! Blogs are PUBLIC anyway! Hahaha.

7. Jonas - 13 July 2006

The kind of meditation that takes a lot of imagination. He he he! 😀

8. Zoe - 13 July 2006

Tagged! Yikes. Haha! Okay, let me try to compose something. Writing isn’t easy for me. Haha!

9. Zoe - 13 July 2006

I’ve done it!

10. theparody - 14 July 2006

Jonas: How will pressure affect your meditation I wonder? I’m still waiting. Hehe. 😉

Zoe: Good to hear from you! Where is it? I checked your blog and I didn’t see it. 🙂

11. Jonas - 14 July 2006

OK, I posted mine already. Check it out here: http://jonasdiego.blogspot.com/2006/07/tag-tag-tag.html


12. theparody - 14 July 2006

Pressure works! Ha! Can’t wait to read it. Hehehe.

13. Jonas - 14 July 2006

Pressure creates diamonds they say. 😀

14. Shai Coggins - 17 July 2006

Finally, a concrete guideline that you can use. 😉

Wish you all the best…

15. theparody - 17 July 2006

Thanks, Ate. So, does that mean I did good? 🙂

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