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Superman Returns Today! 28 June 2006

Posted by Sasha in Films, Puzzle & Game, The Rambler.

1I know this is soooo last minute but I thought I’d let you know that I’m giving away two tickets for tonight’s showing of the movie, Superman Returns!

Well, alright there’s a catch. It’s just an easy task, though!

If you know all 4 b5media blogs I write in, go visit them and leave a comment [will be used as criteria, so relevance please!] on all blogs and send me an email to my b5media address after. First one that checks out will immediately hear from me.

So, if you’re in Manila and would like to see the movie, just get the task done and I’ll schedule the meet up [yea, you get to meet me, too! Isn’t it great? Hahaha].

Movie starts at 8pm, so deadline of submissions will be at 3pm.



1. Connie - 30 June 2006

Had I known!

2. taorist - 30 June 2006

Jeesh! I just read this NOW!!!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the movie.

You write for b5media pala. What blogs?

3. theparody - 1 July 2006

Connie: Hahaha! That should have been an easy task for you, eh? Maybe next time? 🙂

Taorist: Yea, I did. Thanks. 🙂 As for the blogs, it’s Tops 2 Bottoms, Light the Torch, Dating Dames and 55 Fiction. Go visit and tell me what you think! 🙂

4. taorist - 6 July 2006

Wow, you’re a busy one. Care to release some of them?

5. theparody - 8 July 2006

What do you mean? Stop writing in one of them? Why would I do that? 🙂

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