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My Heart Goes Out to Owen! 22 June 2006

Posted by Sasha in Football, The Rambler.

My cousins and dear brother haven’t stopped teasing me about the news that my dear Damien Michael Owen is now out of the World Cup due to the knee injury he sustained in the England vs Sweden match, which ended in a draw by the way. Yea, the Brits still haven’t beaten the Swedes. Heh.

I’m so sad. F#@!%*g twisted knee. Bleh.

Anyway, these nitwits keep saying that Owen’s career’s over. Whaa–? At the young age of 27? No freaking way! A lot do they know. Heh. Well — that is if this injury isn’t as bad as it seems. I just want to cry. Sniff.

It was so sad to see him in the car driving away, probably off to fly back to England for an operation or something. Oh, it was on ESPN by the way so yea, it was just on telly. Sigh.



1. neil - 23 June 2006

Yes, as someone who supports Newcastle United, as well as England it’s awful news. Of course, if we could always beat the Swede who’s manager for taking so few strikers…

2. theparody - 23 June 2006

Hahaha. Good thought.

I’ve always rooted for Liverpool but I guess Newcastle isn’t too bad.. Hehe.

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