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Kiarra’s Plea 3 June 2006

Posted by Sasha in Sophia's Writings.

1My Lord,

I come to you kneeling in eternity. I bear gifts and symphonies. Let it be a sweet aroma that surrounds your throne. Please turn your eyes and look upon me. Please do not hide your face from me.

I came and experienced you on earth without question. I came to you in wonder and joy. I embraced your entire being and I had become a light to your darkness. I came in a time that required my presence. And I saw and experienced your delight. I had chosen to be found. The gods favored me for out of all the angels in the heavens and the mortals of the earth, they had chosen me for you as you were chosen for me.

Please do not be deceived with the lies that were fed to you. I have given you the truth and it lies within you. You had found yourself in me and guided me to find myself in you.

You had seen my wings and faltered. For this, you have my forgiveness. Now I seek your absolution and embrace me back into your world. I have faith that together we will be unconquerable.

I now walk in a land of hammered lightning that your leaving has banished me to. Hear my cry and take hold of my hand as i did yours before. Please condemn me not to this place.

I did not seek for your destruction. Instead, I had offered you my very existence to edify your life. Now, I am offering my wings. I shall give up my immortality for your life.

Know that I wish you no ill will. So if my going will prove to be more for your advantage, I shall go and keep silent. I merely write to present to you my plight, in the hope that against all the odds I am facing now, we can still be together.

Let my silence speak volumes.

My Lord, I want you to know that I truly understand the road that you have to take and the responsibilities you bear. Forcing you to be with me would eventually amount to a guilt that can transform you. I will lose the man I have come to love. Love? you may ask. What is love? I have only begun to understand what you have known all along. I now know you are right, in a way. I had seen the world through your eyes. A student, that I am. And I believe we will see each other again.

You are my knight… my lord… my king.

Let the wind that caresses your face remind you of my touch. Let the sun that bronzes your skin remind you of my very existence.




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