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Poker, baby! 9 May 2006

Posted by Sasha in The Rambler.

cardsI like playing cards. I’m pretty good compared to some but not good enough to go pro. And I’m no gambler. I just play for leisure, that’s all. I’ve learned a lot of card games over the years and the latest addition is Poker. I learned it by watching the Poker Games on telly the last couple of days.

One of the games was local and the other was the World Poker Championship in the US.

My cousin started teasing me that now I can join in their game, fondly called, Shuffle Shuffle Deal. Hahaha. My cousins love to gamble among themselves. One of the most popular games they play is Red Dog. Uh — don’t ask me how it works, it’s hard to explain through words. You have to learn it hands on unless you’ve already heard of the game then you know which one I’m referring to.

I heard that they’ve switched to Poker these days or the one I mentioned earlier. Well, I can’t really tell if I’m any good since I haven’t tried playing it so I haven’t had the chance to compare my skills. Hehehe. I’ll let you know how I’d do in case I do get to try it out.

Meanwhile, if you have tips I should know on how to play the game, do share. That is if you do want to share your secrets. 😉



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