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“Fatuous Fault” 5 May 2006

Posted by Sasha in Dating & Relationships, The Brooder.

What does it mean exactly? uh, well — I’d rather have you check it in the dictionary. Hehehe. Anyway, it popped into my head many nights ago. I reckon it was when I got off the bus stop and was walking back to my sister’s house. It reminded me of a guy that I once went out with a few times and — *surprise, surprise!* twas another classic case of naive thinking. Yea, stupid me. Bleh.

It makes me wonder, though. How come it does happen, these random *hopefully* situations that I find myself in, which points out a lack of clear communication that leads to confusion. It suddenly seems funny now.

There’s a possibility that this guy is reading these very words that I’ve written down and he realizes that it’s him I’m referring to. Well, that’d be cool in a way because this time, there wouldn’t be any failure in communicating on my part because I am able to write down my thoughts on the matter… granted that we all can be sure of proper comprehension on his part. 😉

Anyway, moving on.

I ask myself this question a thousand times but it seems like I’m stumped. A perennial mockery, referring to men and directing the action to my intelligence. I’ve mentioned it before but I just wanted to say it again. Ugh. What utter frustration!

It’s also funny because I just read a blog entry of my good friend, Armi, over at 360. And I’m thinking, WTF — she clearly is having the same problems with men as I am! So, it’s beginning to look like it’s us girls getting stupid-er by the minute or perhaps there are a lot of clueless girls out there, who are fast becoming easy preys. [Update: she’s really happy now. She found her needle. Hehehe.]

I know. I know. Learn from mistakes, right? It’s always easier said than done. *What a cliche!* The sad thing about all these is I worry that there’s not one decent guy out there.

Not too long ago, a guy I was seeing told me fervently that all guys are the same; that they simply want to get a girl to bed all the time or at least would go great lengths to get as far as they could, physically, I mean. It seemed that he was telling me, “Good luck in finding a needle in a haystack!” Clearly, he thinks he got his facts right. I reckon that there is a scarcity of good men. Surprisingly, I told him off, though. I wholeheartedly disagreed with what he said. I can still remember what I said that night, “I know that there is that one guy out there who would want to be with me just because he wants to be around me.” Basically saying that I’m not just some girl but the girl to him and he’d see me so he can get to know me, doing it for all the right reasons. Well, I knew then that the guy I was with wasn’t worthy of me. I will never be conquered by just some guy.

It may be arrogant of me to say. It’s only because I am proud of who I am and what I’ve done so far. I would greatly encourage all my friends to do the same. Pride of oneself is not something to be ashamed of. However, be sure not to mistake pride for conceit. I only say this because I’m speaking of what I can offer to the man I would choose to have my heart. This matter in life, I do not take lightly even if the rest of it can be mistaken that I do. This is who I am.

It’s a re-post with updates, by the way. I just wanted to share it again.



1. Jonas - 6 May 2006

Hi, there. Was blog hopping when I found your site.

I don’t think I was able to thank you properly for featuring my webcomic (A Girl’s Story) before. Thanks a bunch! 🙂

2. theparody - 6 May 2006

Wow. It’s been a while when I did that. Hahaha.

No worries, Jonas. I appreciate your stopping by. Hope to see you around more often. 🙂

3. Jonas - 6 May 2006

Now that I found this place, I think I will. 🙂

4. theparody - 7 May 2006

Thanks for linking by the way. 🙂 Much appreciated.

5. Jonas - 7 May 2006

No problem. It’s the least I can do. 🙂

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