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Learning to breathe 14 April 2006

Posted by Sasha in Sophia's Writings.

Sophia sits quietly on the curb, smoking a cigarette. It was middle of the night and the somewhat full moon lights up the already star-filled sky. She was alone on the street where her house stood, drinking in the solace that that moment offered her. Perhaps she is not alone, her thoughts accompany her. Memories and dreams filled her mind. She thought of spending the remaining days of her life just counting the stars. It is her time to waste anyway. But will it really be such a waste? Stars and the moon hold a certain magic in them, she thought to herself. After all, people who lived and died before her time had relied their destiny to the stars.

Sophia is nearing her end of life’s road. She just came from the hospital that afternoon where she learned of her fate. She is to die of leukemia. What is the big deal about death anyway? Everyone is heading that direction, too. Though, she knew she just got ahead of the line that’s all. She ponders on how she had lived her life. She thought of how many moons she had seen, how many places she has been to, and how many people she has come across. This is what they say that happens at the end of your life, seeing your life flash before your eyes, seeing that you have realized all your dreams… no more regrets. However, it has been said that it happens in a blur and in the moment right before you die. But in her case, it started when the doctor told her that she’s dying.

Sophia feels physically weak but strong enough to face what lies ahead. Seemingly like a torture but claims that this is what makes life beautiful. The words, Carpi Diem finally sinks in. It’s like the curtain has been lifted from her eyes and she is beginning to see a different world.

Now, she understands why she was made to be this way. She endured a lot of pain and drowned in the currents of love in the manner that life had packaged it. She is who she is because this is her destiny.

“And man has only one destiny, right?” Sophia asked the sky.

She then stood up and extended her arms up to the midnight sky then closed her eyes.

Sophia smiled as a thought dawned on her, “It is only now that I’m learning to breathe…”



1. Liz Strauss - 15 April 2006

Beautiful and brilliant! That’s just the writer. The writing was excellent.

2. theparody - 18 April 2006

Thanks, Liz.

I’m flattered and grateful you enjoyed it.

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