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Staring at the Heavens 10 April 2006

Posted by Sasha in Sophia's Writings.

my cries are muted by the role i must play.
my longings are subdued by the shame of wanting.
grey days stretch as far as time wills it.
barefooted, i walk, falteringly, reaching out.
dark skies beckon my suppressed anger.
drops of rain mask the tears.
thunder drowns out the cries from my lips.
see the blood on my hands that no amount of washing can ever remove.
the gods have turned their faces away.
refusing to acknowledge my plea.
a mere glimpse of the sun is all i ask, in this lifetime or the next.
in exchange, i offer a life lived in solitude.
alone but grateful for having lived.



1. Shirley - 10 April 2006

I’m new to blogging–under two months–but I enjoy it tremendously. Glad to find your site, and found it very interesting. I’ll be back.

Hope you enjoy mine too.



2. theparody - 10 April 2006

Thanks, Shirley. 🙂

Quite honestly, I was a tad bit surprised but I reckon that’s what blogging is about, eh? You will meet people. I do hope to see you around. And so far, I am enjoying your blog. I wouldn’t have guessed that you were just starting out. 😉


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