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The Trip: Day 4 and back. 6 April 2006

Posted by Sasha in Australia, Gallivanting Episodes, The Traveller.

Day 4

It’s my last day! My bus leaves at 9:30 p.m., boarding at the same place, bus station at Franklin Street, Melbourne. You’d think I’d just hang around and wait till I get on the bus, eh? Wrong. Wait till you hear what I did before I left. Teeheehee.

I was still sick but I was adamant that I will take advantage of this time that I have left in Melbourne. I told my friend that I want to do a little shopping if I could, well, I’m hoping I could do a little window shopping, at least. Hahaha. So, we hopped in his car and took of to our first stop for the day.

St. Kilda

st.kildaI immediately fell in love with the place. I know we drove through it a couple of times a few days earlier and I loved it then but to actually walk around and take in the atmosphere — it was wonderful. I love the cafes, restos and boutiques.

I absolutely luurrvveed this boutique [I wish I could remember the name!] where they sell amazing and expensive clothes! The pinstriped wool walking shorts I saw was priced AUD$89, dammit! Browsing through vintage shops and seeing that they’re selling a polo barong with Philippine flag embroidered on the sleeve at AUD$75 was freaking hilarious! Anyway, I resolved that if I do go back to Melbourne to do some serious shopping, St. Kilda is on top of my list of places to go to. Teeheehee.

st.kilda2This area seems like it has a world of its own. It reminds me of Alabang in some ways only way better, of course. Not that Alabang isn’t gorgeous because it is! St. Kilda has that same laid-back atmosphere probably because it’s so close to St. Kilda beach — uh, it wasn’t named that way for nothing. Hahaha. If you look at the photo closely, you can see the green sign behind me on the post, the one that has that smiley face on it, it says: “1 smiles per hour here” Hehehe.

Anyway, another bit of trivia about the place, it’s a well-known spot for people who want to be seen as told by my friend. It’s normal for you to see celebrities walking about or hanging out at cafes. Well, not that I can recognize them. I have no clue who they are! So, it doesn’t really matter much, eh? Hahaha.

st.kilda3All the trams in Melbourne remind me of San Francisco. Uh, not that I’ve ever been to San Francisco.. I’m just comparing it to what I’ve seen on photos and films about the place. But hey — San Francisco‘s known for its trams, right? Okay. Apart from the Golden Gate bridge.. Pffft.

Okay, with the tram out of the way, he wants to take another photo with all the palm trees behind me. It turned out alright but it looks too Beverly Hills for me, if you know what I mean. Heh. Anyway, we just walked around, tried to go to the beach and ogled at the weird clown face for an entrance of an amusement park that had a wooden rollercoaster. That’s it. Enough sightseeing. Now for some serious shopping. Hehehe.

Bridge Road

For all those familiar to where Bridge Road is in Melbourne, they already know what I’m about to tell you before I even say it. How to describe it? One wordShopping! Hahaha. It’s a long stretch of road with shops and boutiques lined up on both sides of the street. You can see popular labels like Esprit and Portmans together with some unknown but equally wonderful stores. Yea, it’s number two on my list. Teeheehee.

Arrggh. I just thought of the top that I saw, which I really wanted but someone beat me to it. Grrr. Well, I’m happy to have found the hat that I’ve always wanted to buy. [Look-y me in the photo!]


I had my lunch of chicken-something at this quaint Chinese resto in downtown Melbourne that served Japanese Pancakes. I reckon it’s just crepe. Heh. It was good though. I had the Peach.

I browsed through a couple of more boutiques. One, I reckon sells Korean clothes, which were really funky. And the other was hardcore Japanese fashion, man! I totally loved it! Hahaha. I recall urging my friend to really consider switching to Japanese fashion, men’s style. Hehehe.

Oh, yea. I walked around in a small part of Chinatown before heading back to the car. Ducked in the nearest 7-eleven to replenish on cigarettes. Hehehe.

side mirrorOn the Streets

I’m always in the car driving off somewhere when I was in Melbourne. gamesI can say I saw a lot of the city through the windows or windshield of the car. Hehehe. It’s all good though because it’s the company that I really enjoyed. Even when I had to endure Jay’s horrid driving skills! Ha! Just kidding. You’re alright for an Aussie driver. Even if I reckon you need to get your car checked for brake malfunction or perhaps it’s not the car’s fault. Teehee. Nah. You’ll be able to hack it , driving in Manila, uh, well — with a wee bit more of practice, of course. Hahahahaa!

It’s cool how I get to really know some of the weird road rules they have here in Australia — like the right turn from the left lane at a junction. Unthinkable! Heh. Or do they just have it there in Melbourne? Because I haven’t seen anyone do it here in Adelaide.

shrineShrine of Remembrance

stepsWhen my friend asked me what I wanted to see or where I wanted to go before I leave, I just told him to take me to a place that he or anyone for that matter would consider a must-see if you’re ever in Melbourne. He then took me to this place, Shrine of Remembrance.

At first I thought, what’s so special about this place? Then like a drop of water trickling down your back, I get it. And yea, it was a special place. It reminded me of the Lincoln Memorial or some building in Washington D.C. — Arrggh. What do I know? Well, just that one place in my head that I know I saw somewhere and I know it’s in the U.S. Bleh. — basically because of the pillars and the steps.

chariotI was staring at the building and the steps before I actually realised what was behind me. An amazing view of the city and the length of the street that seems to go on and on and on. Wow. I knew right there and then that I’m going to try to capture it. So, I went and sat down on the steps and asked my friend to do it for me. Hehehe. Hey! I wanted to be in the photo, too!

After I’ve gotten it out of my system, I walked up the steps so I can admire the building up close and admire it, I did. Walked around the perimeter and took in all the views of skylines and gardens that the Shrine offered. It’s amazing just thinking about it and looking at the photos again.

Shameless how I took photos after photos. Heh. Well, I am a tourist after all! There’s no shame in that, right? That’s what tourists do when they visit some foreign place. Hehehe. My friend was a good sport when I boss him around especially when it comes to how I want him to a certain photo. I am bossy, eh? Hahaha. I can’t help it if I know what I want. Hehe.grass

Anyway, a couple of people there looked at me as if I’m tacky or something. Uh, because I’m having my photo taken? Duh. Like it doesn’t really happen in a tourist-y place like that one! Bleh. Never mind that. It’s funny anyway.

I am vain this way. I love taking photos. I love having my photo taken. I love travelling. If you put them all together, you can come up with either me taking a photo of myself in a place I’m visiting or making someone else take my photo in a place that I’m visiting. Hahaha. Oh, well — I know that’s tacky. Hahaha.torch

I love the place even if I wasn’t able to explore the entire thing. I love the grounds. I love the torch and the tower. Uh — The torch that’s on the pavement at the foot of the tower and not on top of it. Uh, don’t ask me why. I don’t know. Heh. But I like it anyway.

If you must know, the Shrine of Remembrance commemorates the lives lost in the wars where Australia was part of. They are thanked and remembered by the rest of the Australian people through this place. I really find it cool. Imagine, if you are one of the family members of the person who served the country, when you go to this place, you’ll always know it’s to honour him or her. I love the idea.soldier

So, yea. It’s a place that tugs the heart. Well, at least it tugged mine anyway. Especially this soldier I met… Oooh. I’ve always wanted to get me a soldier. I feel soooo feminine. Heh. Hahaha.

Oh, well. Just said good-bye to the place and I headed back to the city after that. My friend’s going to drop me off at Franklin Street to wait for my bus and get on the 10-hour trip back to Adelaide. Pffft. I bought nourishments of chocolates and water from a nearby 7-eleven [I told you, they were everywhere! Hahaha.] then killed time at an internet cafe before getting on the bus to commence the loooong trip. Heh.

Good-bye, Melbourne!

Day 5
6:00 a.m.

11 degrees, still sick, groggy and sooo tired for being cramped in my seat and hardly had any sleep. I was supposed to take the bus home but I opted for a cab instead. I plan to hit the sack as soon as I get home and sleep on the bed for hours and hours and hours. I can’t wait!

Thoughts about the trip? I love Melbourne but I love Adelaide‘s quiet and relaxed atmosphere more. I’ll definitely go back if I get the opportunity but if I am to choose between the two on where I want to live, I’d choose Adelaide. But I’ll make sure I’d save enough money so I can go to Melbourne for shopping. Hehehe.

Thanks a million, Jay, for a wonderful trip! I loved every bit of it! And oh, yea.. I lost my lighter again. No. I know you didn’t take it this time unlike the last time when you took my black lighter. Ha.

Note: If you want a larger view of all the photos, just click on them and it’ll take you to my flickr account. 🙂

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1. Liz Strauss - 9 April 2006

Oh my God,
I’ve been all over St. Kilda, including on the same streets as you. It was so great to read what you wrote. I’m dying to go back to Australia again. I’ve been lots. But I miss it and my friends.

Thanks for sharing your trip with me.


2. theparody - 10 April 2006

Thanks, Liz! It’s been my pleasure rambling about my trip. It’s great to know that you enjoyed reading it. 🙂

Australia is a great place, ain’t it? I hope you’d let me know if you get around visiting Adelaide.. uh, if I’m around, that is. Hahaha.


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