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Just between the two of us 4 April 2006

Posted by Sasha in Sophia's Writings.

She can feel the steam coming out of her skin. She was trapped in a boxed space to face her demons. With clenched fists, she prepares herself for a blow. Trickles of perspiration run down her back. She quickly wipes off beads of sweat from her brow. She knew she shouldn’t miss. She takes a swing at him. Her fist lands on something solid. It hurt but it felt good, too. It released pent up anger, which she had kept hidden from him. She shifts her weight alternately from left to right as she delivered straight punches, which she then ended with an upper cut. She was at this for more than 20 minutes now. She meant to put him down for good.

“I’m not stupid. A little naive but not stupid.” She screamed silently. “Go to hell, you bastard!”

There were occasional “asshole-s” and “jerk-s” thrown in between punches the entire time. Then she throws a final jab. She stops and lowers her arms, breathing heavily. You can still see the tension in her shoulders, which can also be translated to her saying “leave me alone.” And looking closely, you couldn’t distinguish the tears from the perspiration but she was crying.

The pain she had stored deep within are now numbed by throbbing and blistered hands. With all the anger gone from her eyes, she takes off her gloves and starts to relax her clenched jaw. She then leaves the room with a swinging punching bag behind. Looks back and says, “it’s just between the two of us.” before letting the door close after her then walks away.



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