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The Trip: Day 2-3 3 April 2006

Posted by Sasha in Australia, Gallivanting Episodes, The Traveller.

Day 2

Okay, today’s like a spill-over from Day 1’s clubbing adventure because I ended up hitting the sack around 8 a.m. then waking up around two-ish in the afternoon with a severe sore throat, headache and was at the brink of a cold-flu outbreak. Uh, I already had the sniffles and cough so I vowed not to touch a single stick of cigarette that day.

I had my usual herbal tea, panadol and lots of water. My friend and I had some late lunch then settled in the couch, uh, well — me, at least — hugging my nephew’s Pooh pillow that I brought along with me on the trip and watched Ralph Macchio’s Karate Kid II on telly.

It’s such rotten timing that I fell sick during this trip. There I was, finally in Melbourne, with a promise of getting things sorted out in my head about certain things that were bothering me the past couple of weeks by partying really hard [Okay. Okay. I wanted to forget. Bleh.], only I found myself too sick to actually go out and fully explore the city.

vinylHowever, after the movie, I stood up with a purpose and marched straight to the bath so I can start preparing to go out. I refuse to stay at home and be sick. Ha! My friend was DJing at a house party over at the city so he’s letting me tag-along. Hehehe.

From the south-east of Melbourne, we headed west. It was a good 30-40 minute drive but what the hell, I endured an almost 3-hour long drive yesterday, it’s nothing compared to that! Hahaha. We had to pick up some records at his house and I wanted to see and drool over his extensive vinyl collection. I listened to the albums of The Doors [I loved the way he added HipHop Flavour to one song. Brilliant!] and Billie Holiday. I was bugging him to let me see the Miles Davis album but it’s lost in the shelves and shelves of vinyls. I was so disappointed I couldn’t find it. I loved that I saw Jimi Hendrix and a lot of Rock albums in the collection, which he admits belong to his younger brother, DJ James Dela Cruz from the famed Avalanches. Anyway, he offered to teach me how to scratch but I couldn’t! Too scared I might scratch the vinyl if I make a mistake! Hahaha. But now I’m wishing I could’ve at least tried.. you can’t get free lessons from old school scratch DJs nowadays. Pffft. Dammit! Oh, well. I just took a photo instead.

After some tea and watching a bit of telly while he gets his stuff together and surprisingly he made time to burn me another CD of a latest mix of HipHop music thus adding it to a total of — is it four or five now, Jay? Hmmm. I forget. Oh, well. Taking a box of tissue with me, off the kitchen counter, with his knowledge, of course, we left his gorgeous “he’s not rich” house, then drove into a grunge-y part of the city, to Tooch’s house party. After I made him buy Hungry Jack’s [aka Burger King] for dinner and almost but not quite got lost in the process, that is. Hehehe.

It was my first ever house party of the sort. It’s like a BYOB-kind, with mostly the male species inhabiting the party. Yea, met quite a few number of men that night. Uh, no. No sparks went flying. Heh. Tooch was out buying beer and liquor and a Beastie Boy groupie DJ was behind the turntables so we had a few minutes of talk and making me feel comfortable thing going until Tooch finally arrived and introductions were made. He shoved a whiskey-coke in my hand that had waaaay too much whiskey in it if you ask me that no amount of coke can wash down the aftertaste it left in my mouth. Yeeecch.

And finally, my friend finally got pushed behind the turntable and I retreated into the background by staying in the foyer just near the door leading to the backyard where the party was at. I listened and I watched. I was impressed by what I heard and yea, most if not all were ooh-ing and aah-ing while he did his thing on the turntables. There was even a guy from Germany or Sweden or some European country outside the UK, who wanted a photo taken with him while he’s scratching with a sign that says something in the lines of “I’m in the land of the master DJs” written in his own language so you can’t really quote me on that since I don’t know German or Swedish. Bleh. It was just hilarious that’s all. Hahaha.

djAnd another reason I stayed in the foyer was because it was f*cking cold out there and I was not feeling too well! Ha.

It’s funny because it seems like I was hiding and refusing to mingle, which is partly true since I’m not feeling too hot and well about doing such but I reckon it still didn’t stop a few from coming over and try chatting me up. Teeheehee. I don’t mind really but I’m not my usual friendly self since I was sick and I couldn’t be bothered but it was nice, though. I like meeting new people especially if they come from a different culture. I’m fascinated by other cultures. However, when I was talking to this guy, whose name I forget, my good friend, Jay, brought it upon himself to rescue me and dragged me inside the house to show me a photograph coffeebook of the Ifugao / Kalinga Apayao Province in the Philippines. Duh. I was confused at first because I really didn’t know what was going on but just went along with it. I just teased him about it afterwards, to which he admitted to be guilty of doing. Just like an over-protective brother, eh? He probably thought the guy’s not good enough for me. Poor guy. Hahaha.

Anyway, we hung around the living room and got to know Tooch’s other flatmates, one happened to be a Filo [local label for Aussie-Filipinos] and he’s a pretty cool guy. We left the party after one last cigarette [I couldn’t help it! It was too damn cold!] then offered to drop them off at the city on our way back. We stopped at Angelucci’s for some latte before heading back to the house where we rummaged for some food, a couple of more cigarettes then finally go to bed. Whew.

Day 3

Worst thing happened, I woke up with a fever. I had a hard time sleeping because of the cold that it really made me cry. I’m not kidding! I felt so terribly cold and it was a horrible time. It really didn’t help even if I had 3 layers of clothing and 4 blankets. I was dreadfully sick. Dammit!

carTwas around 10 a.m. The earliest I’ve been up since I got to Melbourne. My friend was hestitant to take me out but I just told him to just let me wake myself up a little and I’d be fine to go. His cousin invited him to a party, you see. So after my usual tea, panadol and cigarette, we set out for another drive. I’ve been spending a lot of my time sitting in his car the past couple of days, listening to a lot of HipHop music. I still can’t believe the traffic and the enormity of the place since I got so used to Adelaide‘s relaxing atmosphere. All I can do to amuse myself is to take vain-y photos of me sitting in the passenger seat with the seatbelt strapped on. Heh.

I think the party was in the south-west of the city. And it turned out to be a surprise birthday party for my friend, too. He told me he just celebrated his birthday like a few days before I got there and had a party a few after I left. Bugger you! Hmpft! Anyway, we stayed there around 5 hours, I reckon. They had several rounds of beer while I watched from a corner, envious. Sniff. I just couldn’t be bothered. I was too sick to consume alcohol. Bleh. But it was great food, though. I loved the Dinuguan with gata. It’s a Filipino dish. I’m sure people will be totally grossed out if I describe what it is. Well — you can ask me if you really want to know what it is. Hehehe. We went back to the house, had Hungry Jack‘s take-out [again!] and just hung out at the house till I went to bed around eleven-ish.

I still can’t get over that he had a party a few days after I left. He even had the audacity to invite me! Like I’d go on the 10-hour bus ride to attend that freaking party. Get real. I know. I know. It wasn’t something you can control, dear friend. Oh, bugger off. Hahaha.

Just kidding, of course.

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