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One Day International: Australia vs. South Africa 13 March 2006

Posted by Sasha in Cricket, The Rambler.

I was up late last night watching the last match of the One Day International: Australia versus South Africa.

It’s the best match I’ve ever watched. I reckon it is the best One Day Cricket match. Period. You want to know why? Alright. Be patient as I give you a blow-by-blow account of the 9 hour match. Ha! I’m just kidding.

It just sucks that Australia lost by 4 runs and 1 wicket. Bleh. Even if it seemed impossible when they did score a magnificent 434-4. Check the highlights so, you’d understand why.


  • World Record was set by the South African Cricket Team for the highest score for one day cricket at 438, only followed by Australia at 434. This is also the highest score for both teams to get in ODI.
  • South African Cricketer, Herschel Gibbs made it into the Top 10 Scores for Batsmen with 175 runs out of 119 balls.
  • Drop catch by Nathan Bracken. Australia could’ve taken Gibbs out earlier in the match with just a score 150.
  • Australian Bowler, Michael Lewis, made a world record, too. It’s for having the most number of runs, 113, in 10 overs. Kudos to you! Yes, I’m being sarcastic here. I could kill Ponting for not putting in Lee or Symonds to bowl. What was he thinking? Bad decision, Captain.
  • Test and ODI Captain, Ricky Ponting, scored his highest runs in this game at 164 out of 105 balls. This is the second fastest century in Australian Cricket History. He received a standing ovation by both South African and Australian supporters, when he left the field.
  • Bracken made ammends for the drop catch incident by getting 4 wickets and bowling fantastic overs.
  • Summary:

    Australia soared so high that they crashed and burned in the end. South Africans were ecstatic with the results, of course. It was an unbelievable game. It’s one of the best Cricket Matches that people will be talking about for years and years to come. It was history made.

    My brother-in-law kept saying that he should’ve placed a bet on South Africa winning since he dreamt about it the night before. But then again, what were the odds?

    You can read more about this match here and here.

    Up next: The Ashes – Australia versus England. Let the Test Match begin.

    Humor Me.
    Australian Cricket: VB Series
    It’s Sri Lanka.
    Australia Won the VB Series



    1. harpsy - 7 April 2006

    i personally think that ponting was so dumb for not bowling someone else other than Michael lewis he could have bowled symonds, clarke or even hussey

    2. theparody - 10 April 2006

    Tell me about it. I got sooo frustrated watching them throw away that game! I wanted to pull my bloody hair out. Ponting made a HUGE blunder and yea, it was simply dumb. Bleh.

    3. Jake - 7 January 2007

    r u both stupid.
    if it was not 4 ponting we would not have got over 4 hundred in the first place. And u to r calling him dumb u to should be kicked out of australia and sent to england or something.

    4. theparody - 8 January 2007

    and you are..?


    5. King Stuart - 10 January 2007

    I find it so hard to believe that even though South Africa won this game, there is still a picture of the Australians taking a wicket at the top of the Article, get real guys, YOU LOST. And unlucky to the Presumptuous Aus press that had to reprint their Head lines from “Aus set world record and Thrash SA” , which they started printing straight after the Aus batting innings, to “SA thrash Australia”, hope it cost a lot. And remember how lucky Aus have been against Sa in the Past, winning a draw in the Wrold cup, Hershel Gibbs “dropped” catch of Steve Waugh.. etc etc etc

    6. King Stuart - 1 March 2007

    Still no comment?

    I check once a month, if the little fag has stepped up to the plate. But still nothing.

    Lucky for Aus, Scotland is in our Group, now they might just get though the first round

    7. Convict Central - 16 March 2007

    Still nothing to say, fucking useless Australian

    8. mahiuddin ahmed anik - 21 February 2008

    I want to watdh australlia versus south africa cricket match

    9. adeel - 25 July 2008

    The only one life game in between South Africa and Australia is the World Cup 1999 (Semi Final).
    Which is the pure total fight for the trophy.

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