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Oh, piss off.. 8 March 2006

Posted by Sasha in The Brooder.

You guessed it. I’m in a sour mood today.

PS || The fact that the Internet connection on this PC acted up bigtime so I was out of commission for a good 2 hours! I was even in the middle of working on my fashion blog so I totally lost the thing I was working on! Grrr. Who says you can’t have problems with DSL?! Tssch. I only had to hack, tinker, and search every nook and cranny of this machine just to beat it down and make it obey me. Arrggh.

Humor Me.
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1. moot - 16 April 2006

o rly?

2. theparody - 18 April 2006

Uh — yes.

3. Moot - 21 April 2006

no wai.

4. theparody - 22 April 2006

suit yourself. 🙂

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