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Off to Melbourne? 2 March 2006

Posted by Sasha in Australia, Gallivanting Episodes, The Traveller.

I’m planning on heading to Melbourne in a couple of weeks for a short weekend vacation.


It’s intimidating yet exciting, too. I’m going on a 10-hour trip alone. Imagine what can happen? Eek. Scary. Well, lots of people have done it and still do it, like backpackers, so I’m sure I’ll be alright. It’s too expensive to fly for me.

The thought of exploring Melbourne lifts my spirits, though. The city. The people. The nightlife. Yay! Clubbing with a DJ! Woot! That is if my dear friend, Jay, would come out of hiding and answer his freaking mobile. I’d get the chance to meet another friend who lives in St. Kilda. If he’s not too busy.

Which reminds me, the Commonwealth Games will be on during that time so I reckon the atmosphere will be pretty festive. I’d get to be a part of it. Coolness.

A total of 4 days. Though 2 days will be spent on travelling. Better than not being there at all, huh? =)

I certainly hope my plans will push through. Wish me luck!

Oh, by the way, anyone interested to come along? Feel free to let me know. Hahaha.



1. Aaron - 3 March 2006

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do… 🙂

2. theparody - 3 March 2006

Aaron: That doesn’t give me much room now, does it? Haha. 😛

3. Dj Jay - 24 March 2006

Sasha i wasnt in hiding! Good to catch up with you, your a good friend..

4. theparody - 26 March 2006

Jay: Hahaha. Really. I’m glad to have you around, man. 🙂

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