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Fallen Knight 2 March 2006

Posted by Sasha in Sophia's Writings.

He is a knight belonging to the lineage of Apokryphos. He comes from the abyss. He stands on this world to stalk the tempest, to ascend to his throne. A sword and steed as his only companion. His gift was power… and the road.

He came to this world in solitude. And has continued to live a life in such state. He faced a lot of tribulations that no mortal could ever survive. Battling the demons that took away the very light he now seeks.

He acquired all wisdom he could, to strengthen his mind. He willed his flesh to obey his commands. He can even command the skies. He has become one with the universe… as it is one with him. But with great power comes sacrifice. He shall be tested again and again until his last breath.

He chose the road that he knew would save his existence. He walks the road of darkness. For eons, he wanders in it alone. In all the corners of this land he seeks the light… a reason for hope. An end to chaos. The utter destruction of the very kingdom he lives in.

He once held in his hands the very elixir he had always believed he would find. Like lightning, it came with such intensity and power. He dared approach the place it struck. The elements radiated a stigma which captivated him. It was the light he was searching for.

Like Icarus to the sun, he was drawn to it. A cost he paid with the peeling of his wings, he endured it. He embraced it. In becoming vulnerable, he was victorious. The gods had favored him.

Kiarra, he had seen visions of her. She emitted a light that pushed the darkness out of the land. She unlocked the reservation he built to protect himself. In her right hand, she offered him her very existence. In the other, time.

He trembled before the experience. He was like a bard enchanted with a magnificent temple before his very eyes. He has reached his holy grail.

He believed that in the complicated weave, the fluid strings of existence, lies an interwoven fate that exceeds expectations. If one wills great things and be bold enough to embrace Providence, it shall be realized. This fuels his passion to embark in such great and perilous undertakings. This faith was what brought him to this place… to her.

Time was inexistent. He has found an angel that graced the earth. An angel who fell from the heavens, a fallen angel that she is. He has chosen to take this path of life with his autumn phoenix. Though it caused worlds to collide, he had relished in the calm after the tempest. He savored the sweetness of caramel and lilies. He experienced the bliss of midnight dances and the mornings that came after. He had yearned for more to quench his thirst that he endured in his lifetime. And she embraced him… all of him.

Yet, the goddess of chaos refuses to let him go. She has other plans for him. She sees him as a fallen knight… a rebellious pawn in her grand scheme of chaos. She will never let him go. She whispered lies and presented temptations. She lured him with promises of glory. Her allure made him prisoner.

Like a smoldering wick the light was snuffed out. Kiarra was now lost. Ares shown him Kiarra’s black wings. She told him how this fallen angel can drain his powers dry and all he has and is will be in vain. His struggle to exist will prove futile. Thus, his destruction.

A decision made. He walked back to the road he once took. He left her and went with Ares willingly. His desire to live prevailed. He saw his life with his angel fade. But like iron, he will endure. He had to let go of everything for the battle of the ages has transpired. He refused to bring his angel into such darkness that awaits him. He needed to free himself from all weaknesses. This is a price he is forced to pay.

This noble knight now continues to fight his battle for existence. The darkened horizon beckons him. He will return to Kiarra one day. Deep within the deep recesses of his being he is certain of that. Though certainty is no longer in his power to give. If only tears would suffice for the remorse he suffers for the pain he had inflicted on her. He is afraid to hope that the gods would favor him once more for he once turned his back on their given grace.

He is now Lord of the land of Chaos. A title bestowed upon him before he ever came to be. Bearing on his shoulder the duties that come with it. However, glory awaits him at the end of this era. He will soon ascend to his rightful throne as king. His Destiny is written in the stars.




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