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Just not right 8 February 2006

Posted by Sasha in The Brooder, The Rambler.

I just don’t understand if it’s me or something’s not right.

If they don’t like my work then why are we in this predicament? I just feel abandoned and like a cast-off. I can try to find my work a different home or perhaps I can just be a free agent until it lasts. However, I’ve got no say in the matter now do I?

Maybe I just feel insecure about it cuz I don’t feel well. It really is a suck-y time for me right now. I can’t seem to do anything right. Argh.

Then I guess it’s me.

I just want to work. I’m getting back to it then. So I’m dropping the subject.

Current Mood: 😥 – so very sad…

Current Playlist: Billie Holiday – Lover Man



1. mEldita - 8 February 2006
2. theparody - 8 February 2006


3. mEldita - 8 February 2006


4. theparody - 8 February 2006

meldita: thanks! here’s a hug back. =)

5. Shai - 11 February 2006


6. theparody - 13 February 2006

Sis: It’s nothing. It’s just been a crappy week for me. I think it’s PMS. hehehe.

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