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Australian Cricket: VB Series 1 February 2006

Posted by Sasha in Cricket, The Rambler.

cricketI’m so excited.

Finally, I’m going to watch live Cricket and not just a local game, but one of the games of the VB Series, which happens to be international. It’s One-Day Cricket and only three countries are playing, Australia, South Africa and Sri Lanka. Of course, I’m rooting for Australia. They’re currently top-ranked in the series. I know there are a couple or so games left but already I’m hoping that Australia’s in the finals and since I’m already wishing on it, make it Australia vs. South Africa in the Finals. No offense to the fans of Sri Lanka, I only want to see both teams on the day I’m scheduled to watch it, First Final on the 10th of February! Yipeee!

I’m looking forward to see Australia’s Brett Lee, Andrew Symmonds and Michael Hussey, and South Africa’s Herschel Gibbs, Michael Boucher and Justin Kemp and truthfully, lots more. I’m also looking forward to seeing Adelaide Oval and get a feel of the crowd’s excitement. I really don’t know what to expect but I believe that it’s going to be loads of fun. The whole eight hours of it, minimum. Hahaha.



1. DJ Jay - 2 February 2006

sasha will u be attending a day and night one day cricket game?

2. theparody - 2 February 2006

DJ Jay: Yea. As far as I know, it’s day and night.

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6. fifabuster - 17 December 2008

Australia vs South Africa 1st Test live streaming

1st Test, Perth – Dec 17-21, 2008

Match scheduled to begin at 11:30 local time (02:30 GMT)

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