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The Parodist’s Fours: A Blog Tagging Event 31 January 2006

Posted by Sasha in Blogs & Blogging, The Neo-Blogger.

Ha! My first tag. Ever. Twas my sister, Shai, who tagged me.

4 jobs i’ve had in my life…
Hahaha. I’m just listing 4 jobs out of how many..? Yea, I’ve certainly been around… Teeheehee.

    1. Sales Consultant for Dell Computers [My spiel: “Thank you for calling Dell Home Sales and Financing. My name’s Sasha. What can I build for you today?” I was a Super Slammer! Ha! Show me the money!]
    2. Marketing Assistant/Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Logistics [Hi, Sir G!]
    3. Freelance Trainer [Modelling]
    4. Freelance Make-up Artist and Stylist

[I’m venturing into professional blogging, however, I still can’t bring myself to count it as one just yet. Teehee.]

4 movies i could watch over and over…
Dilemma. Dilemma.

    1. Clueless [Don’t ask. Hahaha.]
    2. Ever After
    3. Pride and Prejudice
    4. Sabrina

4 places i’ve lived

    1. Parañaque City, Philippines [home, sweet, home]
    2. Quezon City, Philippines [at my tita’s house when I was in my 3rd year in College]
    3. Makati City, Philippines [in a condo when I decided to live independently for a while.]
    4. Adelaide, Australia [it feels like home!]

[I haven’t really settled anywhere yet. Bleh.]

4 tv shows i love to watch

Ack. I hardly watch TV.. but— oh, well.

    1. Sex and the City [Love the dialogues. Love the clothes. Hehe.]
    2. America’s Next Top Model [Twas addictive.]
    3. Australian Idol [my sister got me hooked! I rooted for Dan England.]
    4. Grey’s Anatomy [when I’m in Australia]

4 places i’ve been on vacation
I’ve been to most of them twice! Hahaha. Well, except Malaysia.

    1. South Australia [Favorites: Glenelg, Adelaide City, Norwood, Port Noarlunga, Hahndorf in Adelaide Hills, Mawson Lakes baby! Uh, photo links not exactly in order, just read the captions. hehehe.]
    2. Singapore
    3. Malaka, Malaysia
    4. Palawan [Sabang Beach. Beach. Beach.]

4 websites i visit daily
Not counting my own, too!

    1. Gmail
    2. ShaiCoggins.Com
    3. b5media [checking most of the blogs listed and, of course, the internal blog]
    4. some I visit sporadically, like: My Yahoo, A Bugged Life, Karen Cheng, In Actual Fact…

4 of my favorite foods
Food. Food. Food.

    1. Chocolate! [bars and cakes]
    2. Cheese Sandwich and Crisps
    3. Curry [I’ve recently grown an inkling towards this dish.]
    4. Roast Meal [Pork, Lamb, Chicken with mash/rice and peas/broccoli and cheese/corn bits/corn on the cob. Yum-my!]

[Gimme my sister’s home cooking anytime, though!And I’m so addicted to Coke. Bleh.]

4 places i’d rather be right now
I’d like to stay where I’m at right now, which is here in Adelaide but I’d love to see…

    1. Palawan [again]
    2. Brasil
    3. Tuscany
    4. Prague

4 bloggers i am tagging
Hmmm. I’m thinking…

    1. of Mel, a person I’ve known since 5th grade. Yay, Bene!
    2. of bugging Jayvee’s A Bugged Life;
    3. of my brother, Arnold;
    4. and, a shot in the dark, of Mr. Actual Factual.

Let me know if you do this, Please. =)



1. mEldita - 31 January 2006

done! =) thanks for this… nagutom ako ha… hehehehe!!!

2. inactualfact - 31 January 2006

Well, I did the seven questions meme about five days ago, this would be taking things too far. However as a quick go through:
Jobs: Research Scientist, Cow milker (don’t laugh), Frozen food sorter, forklift truck driver.
Movies: Groundhog Day, The Shawshank Redemption, Star Wars and Double Indemnity
Lived: Durham England, Glasgow Scotland, Tübingen Germany, Förslöv Sweden
TV Shows: I have no tv
Vacation: India, Naples, Tuscany, France
Websites: BBC news, Bloglines, The Guardian, Luxus linguae
Food: Curry, made myself with mango and lime pickle and proper rice and naan, Taboulé, Samosas, Bovril on cold winters days.
Rather Be right now: London, Scotland, Southern Italy, In bed!
Tags: I am the meme killer!

3. jayvee f. - 1 February 2006

gimme a while 😀

4. theparody - 1 February 2006

mel: thanks! be checking it out. =)

inactualfact: yea, I understand. I did see it after I posted this entry. That meme’s pretty interesting. =) thanks!

jayvee f.: sure. take your time. there’s no pressure. hahaha. =)

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