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Just thinking… oh, nevermind. 19 November 2005

Posted by Sasha in Australia, Philosophy & Paradox, The Brooder, The Traveller.

Well, it’s not everyday that you get to discover a new thing only to realize later on that somehow you knew about it all along. Alright, I know I’m not really being clear about what I’m saying so I’m just going to drop it.

I just had barbequed spare ribs, sausages and potato [yea, the potatoes were thrown in the grill, too! But it’s really like baked potato anyway.] for dinner and it was a good dinner. I’m proud to have manned the barbeque! Hehe. It wasn’t that hard really. Ugh. I’m so full. I’ll be hitting the shower to rinse off the smell of smoke in my hair in a while then I’m having coffee and a cigarette before going to bed.

It has been a pretty good day today. Seeing a little more of South Australia is a great thing. We’ve been to the Monarto Zoo, which I believe to be the Aussie “Safari” experience or so they claim. 😉 We stopped by Murray Bridge then drove to the town of Mannum. I fell asleep along the way, which made me miss a couple of lovely towns like Birdwater, as what Jem and Shai told me later on when they woke me up to take a look at the biggest rocking horse in the world. But I was able to see a town called Gumeracha [which, by the way, was used by Jem and Shai in singing to the tune of “La Cucaracha”], it was really beautiful. Taking the Tea Tree Gully route was wonderful because of the large water reservoir beside the road and the rolling hills with alternating woodlands and meadows. Wow. It was a fantastic day!



1. David - 24 August 2006

Yeh, I loved the Big Rocking Horse. Great big horse, I think 45 feet high.
Can’t wait to return to Aus and see it again


2. theparody - 25 August 2006

David: I did find it extremely odd — but in a good way. Hahaha. It was the vineyards and the SA resevoir we passed on our way back to Tea Tree Gully that were truly breathtaking! I can’t wait to go back, too! 🙂

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