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lettre dans sombre 2 February 2005

Posted by Sasha in Sophia's Writings.

“imagine staring at a plane taking off
or watching a cruise ship pass right next to you
while you’re in a pump boat.
your heart beats wildly with the excitement
and wonderment effected by these events.
it’s something bigger than yourself.
a good book that you can immerse yourself in
or an afternoon you can use to kick back and savor.
your mind’s enriched and stretched with ideas
and life’s spent in a moment’s freedom.
it’s timely and timeless.
a leap of courage,
a touch of coincidences and patterns
that resulted to an exchange of thoughts.
an epiphany experienced.
sprinkle conversations over several mediums,
a dab of lightness and simplicity,
which lead to leveled expectations.
a symphony heard.
la soleil et le minuit se reunir.
awesomely orchestrated, i applaud.
and as you often say, ‘carpi diem'”
Sasha Manuel

***like a plane that took off and a cruise ship sailing by, they’re going somewhere without you… ultimately, you’re left behind.

***like the love story between the sun and midnight, it was doomed before it ever began…



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